Bravery and the Bell Fundraiser

What is this Project?

In my life, I have spent far too much time battling the tyranny of the urgent that induces a paralyzing focus on the immediate. Moreover, I have spent far too little time truly seeing the beauty of the world and the people around me. I have feared vulnerability and the openness to connect with people. Watching my father slowly descend into the mysterious fog of Alzheimer’s is showing me how precious the time and relationships we have been given are.

Bravery and the Bell is about standing with courage against our fears, our faults and our flaws that prevent us from truly living. It’s about deciding to embrace vulnerability, choosing to see those around us, flaws and all and being brave enough to love them anyways.

The time is now. These songs have come in a swift and powerful way. My father is still in the first stages of Alzheimer’s and I want him to be able to hear them before he struggles to remember who I am.


How does this work?

We’ve put together a store at the link below. From there, you can pick the package or packages that you would like. We have a wide variety of exclusive experiences and rewards to choose from! Simply scroll through the options, select what you would like and proceed to the checkout page.  It’s easy!


How long do we have?

We have four weeks and four weeks only to raise the funds for this project. Many of these pledge packages contain one of a kind items, commissioned artwork, handwritten lyrics and other items will not be offered again.


How much do we need to raise to make it happen?

The following breakdown shows all of the costs associated with the first goal which is simply getting these songs recorded and the albums printed:

First Goal Total = $8,075


What does the second goal entail?

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death and as of now there is little to be done to fight it. More than five million people are stricken with this terrible disease and there is no cure. My dream is that we would be able to make a video for In the Time of the Great Remembrance. This song poured out of me when we first heard the news about my father’s diagnosis. So little is known about what causes Alzheimer’s and how we can fight it or prevent it, and a cure is desperately needed. My hope is that this song and video would help to raise awareness for the fight against this affliction that steals so much from us in our last days. Here is the cost for the video work:

Total of both goals = $9,575


How can you help?

It used to be that making a record was virtually impossible without the help of a record label. The cost to produce a great sounding album is thousands of dollars. And while this cost has dropped significantly, coming down from tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s still a substantial obstacle.

By selecting one of these unique and exclusive packages to purchase before the record is made, not only are you pledging your support to overcoming that tremendous hurdle, but you are getting premier access to experience this music! It’s a win/win!

Art has the unique ability to reflect the world around us as well as transform and shape it. Music in particular can inspire and compel us.  It has been a dream of my wife and I to participate in a community that seeks to make music and art with purpose; to create something that has a lasting lineage. Sometimes in life, however, one must stop seeking and start building. As we progress on the creation of Bravery and the Bell we are also laying the foundation for this community.  To start, we are inviting you to be a part of Lineage Artistry by supporting this album. For art to flourish, the artist must have patrons!

If there is someone you know that values the beauty and transformative power of art, please tell them about this project! Obviously, the more people who hear about it the more people there are to support it, so please share the links with your friends and on your social media pages! We’ll keep you informed all along the way across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email newsletter.

Thank you so much. We can do this together!

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$8,745 / $9,575