Bravery and the Bell


Bravery & The Bell
  1. Wind and Woe
  2. Chasing Ghosts
  3. In the Time of the Great Remembrance
  4. The Swinging Bell
  5. Drive You Home
  6. Though the Days are Fleeting
  7. Across the Divide



Revelator Bradford Loomis
  1. Revelator

Into the Great Unknown


Into the Great Unknown Bradford Loomis
  1. Down to the River
  2. See You on the Other Side
  3. Get On That Train
  4. My Love
  5. Stampede
  6. Dead Man's Dance
  7. End of the Chain
  8. Picking Up the Pieces

Under the August Sky


Under the August Sky Bradford Loomis
  1. On the Banks of the Ohio
  2. Mary Don't You Weep
  3. Overcome
  4. Washed in the Water