X-mas EP Pre-Sale

Wintering Heart Album Cover

Wintering Heart – Every End is a Beginning

Christmas and the holiday season can mean so many things to different people. For many, it’s a time for family to gather and celebrate being together and the memories and nostalgia of joyful times as the year closes. But, to many, winter is a reminder of the losses that have been endured. The absence of a loved one, the distance from ones home or the hectic season can be overwhelming. I wanted to capture the breadth of emotions that people may be going through at this time of year in a way that still engages in a hopeful look at the coming spring. I am really excited to share my take on these classics! With some great work from my producer, Brandon Bee, I think you will enjoy this four song EP! I’ve set the pre-sale up so that you can pay what you would like. (Suggested amount $5)

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